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Paid Search

We manage thousands in paid search spend and have the experience to help you optimize this valuable revenue channel!

The paid search landscape is increasingly cluttered and competitive. In order to maximize results, you need robust technology, insightful data analysis skills, and continual performance-based testing. NakroTeck excels in comprehensive and scalable paid search optimization.

NakroTeck deep expertise in paid search enables us to address complex challenges from changes in inventory levels and demand, to fluctuations in pricing, seasonality, promotions, and co-op funding. We know that mobile searches will soon outpace desktop searches and that online shopping is heavily influenced by social media. Our approach responds and adjusts to this rapidly changing landscape, and keeps your campaigns current with industry changes and your business challenges.

Search Engine Optimization

Get your website found by the right people at the most effective point in the buying cycle.

With a rapidly evolving organic search landscape that includes algorithmic updates, social signals and more, SEO success requires a multi-pronged approach. We cut through the noise to help get you found.

Search engine optimization is a specialized process that involves analyzing and optimizing elements of your website underlying code, information architecture, and page content as well as inbound links from other domains to ensure that your site ranks as highly as possible in organic search results. One of the greatest challenges of SEO is to produce the best possible user experience while maintaining all of these elements to achieve optimal search rankings. Our SEO team works collaboratively with our web developers and designers to create websites that work for consumers as well as search engine algorithms.

Technical problems on your site can result in dangerous SEO signals being sent to search engines. Unless those issue are addressed, they can negatively impact a site rankings and organic search traffic long-term. We begin every engagement with a thorough technical search review and a roadmap for addressing any issues we uncover.

Shopping Feed Management

Maximize your product visibility and connect with your customers where they are!

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs) have streamlined the online shopping experience, allowing consumers to compare products and their features, pricing, and reviews all from one centralized place.

To remain top-of-mind with consumers in the e-commerce buying cycle, you need to be effectively represented on comparison shopping engines. With so many platforms to choose from (Each with their own unique feed submission requirements), making sure your product data feeds get your merchandise listed to the best advantage can be a costly, arduous task. And submissions are just the beginning. Checkout for financial needs. Feeds need to be continuously optimized to ensure that they meet each CSE’s ongoing requirements.

NakroTeck will maximize your product visibility across all relevant shopping portals with a comprehensive strategy: monitoring shopping feeds to ensure the most up-to-date products are submitted, providing ongoing audit to ensure data feed health, and implementing promotional opportunities. Our frequent analyses and reports detail your audiences shopping behaviors from click to purchase, allowing you to make informed marketing decisions.

Display Advertising

Effectively connect with your customers where they are!

Display advertising helps influence customers throughout the sales process, from awareness to conversion. Depending on the campaign objective, we can help you leverage display media either as a brand awareness and engagement tool or as a channel to close the conversion cycle and increase revenue (remarketing). Using a combination of third party data, our proprietary research, and search data, we craft a strategy to influence your prospective consumers where they are online.

Social media advertising on networks like Facebook and LinkedIn affords exceptional demographic and interest-based targeting. We manage and optimize social media advertising campaigns through continual testing, measurement, and refinement, helping you to engagement more fully with your audiences.

As with any marketing program, expertise helps to drive results. From determining which display vendor has the most compatible solution to what are the most effective offers and creative strategies, NakroTeck will launch, manage and grow a display campaign that drives results.

Web Analytics

Accurately tracking and reporting your online marketing efforts is critical for your success.

We monitor web performance with our own proprietary-tracking system and your web analytics platform so no opportunities are missed to drive revenue.

NakroTeck provides both the technology and expertise needed to translate large amounts in to meaningful insight and action. Our full spectrum of analytics services includes account auditing, consultancy, implementation, training, campaign and social tracking, custom dashboards, and advanced segmentation all customized to help you achieve your business goals.

Our Google Analytics Certified professionals can help you utilize custom reporting tools, including offering guidance on which reports to run and recommending custom variable enhancements to track key metrics for your business.